I suppose I’ve had a case of Irregular Blog Syndrome for years now, posting sporadically and with increasing infrequency with the exception of my monthly (and beloved) posts for . Daily postings were once my norm and practice, hard to believe in today’s climate; blog posts would now be considered long form compared to Twitter, FaceBook, and Instagram. But it’s not that I haven’t been writing at all — I’ve penned well over 80,000 words in For All Who Wander and its companion Journey Guide. Apparently IBS is not the same thing as IWS (Irregular Writer Syndrome).

Still, my blog has been largely neglected for a lot of reasons, some of which are explained in my book, and others that simply reflect the general, downward trend. Have I considered closing up shop for good? Sure. So, why do I keep it around? Because there are elements I still love after all this time–


One of my favorite reasons for continuing to blog is to lend my voice to those who are hidden, marginalized, or never had a voice to begin with.


With that in mind, I’m excited to spotlight Mercy House Global Giving Day, a day set aside to let all women know they are priceless, and to raise awareness and funds for four special organizations.


Each group has a specific ask, and you can trust that your dollars are going to a worthy cause. Click the logos below to learn more, and then open your checkbook and give generously. When you lay your head on your pillow tonight, you will have done something truly important and wonderful :).


Search the hashtags #SheIsPriceless and #PutOnYourPearls to see and learn much, much more! And, thank you in advance for sharing this post; a simple Like and/or Share using the blue FaceBook buttons below is an easy way to do so. Bonus points and extra love for inviting your friends and family to support these opportunities, too.

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