How much do I love it when I wear my very obnoxious Clemson crocs people can’t help but notice my feet, and they SMILE?! And I find it utterly hilarious that I find myself looking for orange sweaters & shirts to go with THEM! Planning a wardrobe around a pair of plastic shoes….who would’ve ever thunk it?

I saw a “croc sister” wearing a pair of hot pinks at my kids’ school. The boys were totally morified when I rolled down my window, took off a shoe and waved it at this total stranger. She “got” it, and grinned back.

Ummmm, don’t knock ’em ’til you try ’em. They really are comfy and it’s nice that something so benign can bring a little fun to your day. Hey, these days I’ll take all the smiles I can get.

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