I just discovered J. Jill since it opened here a few months ago. I never shopped there before we moved, I’d always pass it by. That being said………..I have turned into a CLOTHES MOLESTER!!! All their sweaters FEEL absolutely yummy (and the colors are cool). Much softer than any chenille throw you could wrap yourself in. My children find extra reasons to touch me when I’m wearing one :).

I also just learned you can have “audioblogs” (might be something I play with in the future). I mention that here because I WISH there was such thing as a “sensoryblog”, then you could FEEL exactly what I’m talking about ’cause the picture just don’t do it justice. This IS the sweater I have (no, that’s not me, I have a head and I’m not that stiff), the color is “vicuna“. I never heard that word before, so curious me, I looked it up (I woulda just called it cocoa or coffee bean or BROWN for heaven’s sake!). And lo and behold, I learned about an animal I never knew existed before now!! Here’s a picture…

Hmmm…shopping has become EDUCATIONAL!!! I wonder if anyone (any husband) will buy that as an excuse for a girl’s day out. “Honey, I’m going to go learn with the friends today.”

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