They do stuff like take pictures of their own feet and then post them on the worldwideweb.

These are my new Chacos. Me likey the new footwear. Know why I chose the color? In part, because of its name–Spicy! I was trying to decide between this color and Sassy, but when I learned the actual names (instead of orange and rose/red), there was no question.

My toenails are blue and I’m wearing toe rings. I’m “younger” now than I was 10 years ago. Gotta thank Tad for that. He likes his woman to be stylish (crackin’ up on THAT one, the “woman” part), and doesn’t mind paying retail (which goes against EVERY fiber in my being!!!). I have been surprised by the number of people who have noticed and commented on the shoes…strangers and friends alike. It softens the sting of stinkin’ retail………

Of course, many of you would argue the style of blue toenails and toe rings ;).

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