A second admission: I like to blog.

I haven’t in over a week. Y’all know why…I’ve been on our annual family vacation to Kiawah. Actually, this year, we took our [now archaic] laptop. Yep, it’s about five years old and it’s a freakin’ dinosaur. Functions, but nearing obsolescence. My thoughtful husband got a card so we could go wireless……………….

…but we couldn’t get online. There were half a dozen times I heard myself saying, “If I could Google that…..” when one of us had a question. Of course, the flora and fauna of Kiawah are AMAZING…INSPIRING…evidence of the incomprehensible great I AM. So it woulda been easy to write long, flowery prose as I waxed poetic about all things Island. Then, again, we were rather occupied otherwise, so something would have had to give in order to write….maybe it was a good thing after all.

ANYWAYZZZZZZ…now, dang it, I’ve spent the last HOUR AND A HALF downloading pictures from our digital (the easy part) and then trying to figure out how to compress some so I could upload ’em here! I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO IT AND I ABSOLUTELY DETEST WASTING SO MUCH TIME TRYING TO FIGURE IT OUT.

giggle, giggle, can you sense my frustration?

Wait, it just occurred to me, I DO know how to upload them here, what I was trying to do was compress the image I wanted for my profile pic. This one:

It’s therapeutic…toes burrowing in the sand, thunderous applause of wave against beach, ever-present sea breeze–sometimes bringing relief, sometimes not, but either way welcome…..oh, lawd, I’m waxing poetic (lol).

My feet are not particularly attractive, so it’s odd I’d want to use this picture for my profile. Me likey this nail color, though…CALIENTE! aka HOT!! I’m thinkin’ spicy, like yours truly. I like the dusting of sand that won’t brush off, the view of the tide rolling in, the memories of where my feet traveled last week…that’s why this is a GREAT profile picture…it’s not the pic in and of itself, it’s ALL that it implies.

So, for today, not a whole lot about anything. When I’m GROWLING this loudly, I think it’s time for a good pirate movie. The young ones agree. Is Captain Jack Sparrow not one of the greatest characters in recent history? Colorful, dispicable, but absolutely loveable! Hope “Dead Man’s Chest” measures up to the original.

Sweet, sweet home, always good to be back.

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