That’s a sexy title, huh? Guess it makes the point though, which is my “bad guy” post wasn’t about “mother guilt”. Not this time, anyway, lol.

Honestly, I was surprised by the number of comments and appreciated EVERY ONE. I was gonna go back and comment on the comments in the comment section (he he), but I figured it’s taken me long enough that y’all most likely would never see it. Sooooo, my “personal comments” won’t be quite so personal, since it’s front page PENSIEVE, not pop-up window, behind-the-scenes stuff.

First, though, my clarification. Following Christ requires sacrifice. Sometimes big ones, but I think for most of us, more often it’s the small things we give up. In this instance, particular songs from a band I like, not so much for my sake (because frankly I’m oblivious to the language…it just doesn’t offend me, so I don’t “hear” it), but for my kids’ sake. It’s what parents do. I guess my post was more a rail against responsibility than anything else…kinda like a child stomping her feet and whining saying, “But, I don’t wanna!”

The clock is ticking on the time we have left influencing our kids in our home; I am keenly aware their behavior is shaped more so by our example than by our words. They know I make mistakes. I don’t try to hide the obvious because I think hypocrisy is more damaging than screwing up, owning up, then moving on.

Which is what I think I’ll do, on to my comments to my commentors, so the rest of you buzz off (ummm, you know I say that in the kindest of ways, right?)! If you choose to read ’em, go back to the original post to get their links–they’re ALL worthy of a visit!

Cheeky, I already got to you but I thought I’d add, when I visit you, guess I know where I’ll be staying ;).
Karmyn, good reminder at looking at everything, not just the patently obvious.
Heather, INTERESTING timing for your comments; I’ve just spent a fair amount of time looking at Philippians, and I agree with your difficulty. Complaining = the path of least resistance, so perhaps that’s why we indulge it so often.
Willowtree, oh, my! What can I say? Glad to have found you, a good “LOL” is balm for the soul. You offer much balm. Appreciated the shout out from the Outback, I simply love the accent.
E-mom, ever the encourager, finding you in the blogosphere has been delightful. I’m grateful for the “research” you do over at Chrysalis to expose your readers to a variety of writers/topics.
Pamela, St. Francis is good for a few repeatable, scripture or not! I hadn’t heard that one, so thanks for a newbie. Plus…… ALWAYS, your second comment had me rolling. Ahhh, more balm for the soul :).
Malissa, the 1 Corinthians 6 and 10 references often cross my mind with life “issues”; thanks for the reminder here. So thankful that we have a Standard to whom we surrender :).
Amanda, Welcome! You ARE who I thought you were:). And you have a great point–I do use colorful language for emphasis, expression. Also, I do temper my language based on the “audience” and my relationship with them. That’s not hypocrisy, to me, it’s discretion and respect. I suppose others could call it a cop out. Your “open minded” remark reminded me of a post I wrote about Screamo music. Ha! Y’all should check it out AND click the links included.
Shelly, I wondered if you’d stamp my passport one…more…time! btw, Jana said email her and she’ll give you the down and dirty;)
Jana, always glad to see you back for a visit, and your post got me thinking… It just ain’t about the music, my kids hear CRAP from commercials promoting the new fall line-up on TV (or whatever)…I literally CRINGE from the stupid commercials!! Sheesh…think about the junk that’s in your home just from tv or surfin’ the net :/.
Jennifer, Love it when you visit, too. Time’s been tighter this week, so I’m not bouncing quite as much (sigh…), but soon. I gotta get faster, lol. Odd how I “hear” language much more loudly when my kids are in the room; otherwise, if it’s not excessive, I’m desensitized…:/
Iris, a visit to your place is always refreshing, and uno what? I like MOST genres of music. Drives our kids nuts when we play the throwbacks 😉 (I’m thinking swing right there, lol).
Julie, good to see you back, and yeah, I think my personality splits when the car door closes…or at least on the interstate…or in traffic around town…or perhaps anytime I’m behind the wheel! Really, REALLY working on that one with a near 14-year-old!

Wow…all the feedback leaves me with no time to post something new…does this count?

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