Two of my favorite pictures from Another Think, aptly entitled Beauty in the Commonplace–Charlie has a keen eye for spotting the extraordinary in the ordinary. Gotta love their titles, “Bucket” and “Shed”. A quiet and unassuming argument for simplicity. Thanks to Charlie for permissing me to use them here (I think I just made up a word which should be a word if it’s not one). Oh, in addition to that “keen eye” of his, he’s an interesting read, too.

If you wanna read one of the best (IMHO) bloggers out there, be sure to carve out some time with Gordon, aka RLP; You’ll enjoy his Foy Davis stories (this one is linked to his recent post). It’s been a while since I paid him a visit, but wow…for some reason his post today touched me (and the guy’s a complete stranger!). Whether or not you’re a believer, whether or not you agree with his theology, you’ll be missing alot if you don’t check him out.

(These are not paid endorsements…these guys have no idea I exist, lol. But I likey their style and thought some of you would, too 🙂 ).


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