…I found myself actually liking Justin Timberlake’s techno “Sexyback“. This revelation totally mortifies me and I guess by “like” I mean it had me car-dancin’. I don’t know the lyrics….didn’t google them before I wrote this. I also haven’t seen the video (and I’m SURE there is one), which would probably also give me cause never to listen to it again. Imagining it’s pure trash, my liking it will probably be short lived.

It was on THREE TIMES, three different stations this morning, and I was bizarrely drawn to that likely-devil-worshipping back beat, kind of like the way you can’t help but get sucked into a reality show once you start watching one. Or maybe the way you rubberneck a trainwreck. Goodness knows this is the last thing I’d want my 9-year-old singing!

For the record, I’ve never been a JT fan…not now, not when he was the poster boytoy for *NSYNC, not when he & Britney were a love thang, not when he was a Mouseketeer.

But………for today…….in my ignorance, I’m moving to the beat.

UPDATE: I told my sister (who’s pretty liberal) about jammin’ to this today. She’s convinced I’ve lost my mind…”How COULD YOU………….????” (disappointment ringing in her shrill). “What would you do if you heard Rachel singing that?” Yeah, yeah, I know, I THINK SHE’S RIGHT! THEN, Thomas saw this post. “You like Sexyback???” with disbelief in his expression. Um….well…UGH! :/ I told him that yeah, I liked it, but I sure didn’t think I should. Told him I hated the thought of being a terrible influence on him. Told him I hadn’t googled the lyrics on purpose ’cause I didn’t wanna know how “bad” it was. At least he “gets” me; he soooo gets me. Crap. I cannot imagine what it’s like having ME for a mom :/.

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