Guess what? This week I get to host the Blogging Chicks Carnival—the theme is all things related to Fall–past or present. Michele, BC mastermind, has begged pleaded wisely asked some girlie-Qs to take over the task of hosting–I can’t imagine the demands of her school schedule, managing a family, and finding time for blogging (she has three sites! Blogging Chicks, the one linked to her name and Reformed Chicks Blabbing-go read her, she’s a thoughtful writer. AND, if you aren’t already a Blogging Chick and you can wear a skirt without getting funny looks, join the blogroll).

Michele is a great friend to new bloggers, she encouraged me when I had no idea what I was doing :). Oh, my, word! I just searched and searched my blog to find out when I joined the Blogging Chicks–it wasn’t until May!! And, since NONE of you could have possibly known I existed then, I was the 100th Chick to join the blogroll, and to say the least, I like to win;). I’m very grateful to have a nice little spot in the Blogging Chicks sidebar.

Gosh, it’s funny going back, I thought I joined in March. That’s when I let Tad and the kids start reading. Can you believe it? I blogged from September thru May with virtually NO ONE reading (now there are tens and tens of you!). And I really LIKED some of those posts, so geeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Maybe I’ll repost ’em and pretend they’re new.

Don’t forget Carnival submission–email ’em as soon as possible!
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