I still haven’t read emails (comments) yet…I’ve skimmed a few (and read current ones), but for those of you who went “back”…it looks like I’ll WANT to respond, but it might not be til Tuesday :).

Came home to a home improvement “project”…and we’re still above-neck-deep into it…

Plus, soccer tonight…

Plus, looks like I’ll be making a trip to my dad’s tomorrow, returning on Sunday….

Meeting at my house Monday night, so that means (aaggggggghhhhhh!!) I’ll be cleaning when I get home.

Not that y’all are waiting on pins and needles for the Prize Announcements…but just in case you’re curious, I figured I’d give ya a head’s up.

Anyways………..I look forward to seeing what lots of you have been up to the past week; looks like I gotta go on a hunt for naked Marnie pictures ;).

And again……thanks for keeping Pensieve company while I was “gone”…she’s smiling :).

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