Oh. My. Word.

I’m feelin’ gagalicious.

I just counted my posts. Wait, let me recount.


1-2-3-4-5 posts yesterday….two the day before. This is what Lori meant when she said I had a “plethora” of posts this week……..almost an understatement. I think I learned the word “plethora” in middle school and I used it all the time back then because I thought it made me sound smart (lol). The SECOND definition, that is, the first one just made me GRIN. Now I just like it…it’s a good drama queen word (not that you’re a drama queen, Lori 😉 ).

Soooo, since I’ve been so self-absorbed, I’m not gonna post here for at LEAST 24 hours a while. I DO hope you’ll read this week’s stuff, especially because I Love Lucy, the post that is….it was fun to write (wait, I loved the show, too). Plus, when you see the size of my sunglasses, you’ll know why lasik surgery was very necessary and you’ll find out I do NOT look like this or this (the lol of the day from Willowtree).

WAIT! Two more things before I cut things off–

1) Thanks to Kelly for making it “pay” for me to be an attentive reader of hers. I correctly guessed her husband’s name and won a gift certificate to Amazon.com. Waahooo! If you’re ordering anything from their website, go through hers to get there and it helps her out :).

2) Depending on when/if (and there should be no “if”) you link to Lori’s blog, you might miss this. I can soooooo relate :/.

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Uh, oh….three things, I meant three things, not two. Someone else is talkin’ about me behind my back. Check it out….stinkin’ adorable blog, even if they were sinnin’ gossiping.

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