See Robin. See Robin smile. See Robin smile very big.

From ear to ear. From here to there. She is smilin’
e v e r y w h e r e :)!

“Why?” you ask.

Have new laptop. Will travel. Blog and go.

Endless possibilities. Wi-freakin’-Fi. Vistas ready (I didn’t even know a new? upgraded? operating system was just months away).

The Geek Squad at Best Buy was trying to razzle dazzle the ol’ pensieve and confuse all those swirling thoughts of mine, but all I know is, they know more than me, they are MORE than happy to answer my gazillion questions, and if they fail, there’s always Willowtree;).

I like geeks.

Can’t wait to pick up my favorite toy. You’ll have to tell me how it looks:).

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