Three weeks post Disney World, it’s interesting to see the things that stuck with me.

Take this ABSOLUTELY LAME picture to our left. In case you’re wondering (which I highly suspect you are NOT), it’s a Baobab tree. These are also known as monkey bread trees or colloquially as “upside-down trees” (from the Arabic legend which claims that the devil pulled out the tree and planted it upside down). Yes, I’ve already told you more than you’d care to know, but it’s important for you to hear the pain rage contempt frustration defeat in my voice as you read that sentence. Our NEW camera was working only when I wanted to photograph stranger’s feet or gum on the sidewalk, while our OLD camera’s battery managed to die every time I had a great shot of our family, a strolling character or fabuloso attraction lined up. So I’m left with things like a freakin’ upside down tree seen on safari at the Animal Kingdom. Nooooo, I couldn’t get the pictures of lions and tigers and bears (oh, my!), but junk like this?? Load ’em up. (Actually, I did think these were pretty cool, but suffice it to say, I don’t think “Disney” when I see it :/.)

There are hundreds of numbers I could throw at you relative to our trip to Florida’s coast and “all things Mouse”, here are just a few:
24 Approximate hours spent in the car from Sunday morning-Thursday night.
24 Exact hours spend in the parks
1,500 Approximate miles traveled
82 How many times Stephen asked some variation of “Are we almost there?”
5 Hours on the beach. About a thousand too few
45 Minutes. About how long I boogie boarded. Big waves, one of the roughest surfs I’ve ever experienced. Probably not safe, but absolutely, positively wonderful!
4 Number of Disney theme parks visited, 3 each day
19 Miles walked each day. Okay, who really knows this number? Wearing Birkenstocks definitely worked on the old calf muscles, I wish they looked as good as how sore they were. Amazed our kids DID NOT complain, they were troopers.
46 Seconds. How fast the kids fell asleep in the car after getting up at 6:30 a.m. the first day, and going HARD until the fireworks were extinguished that night. We let ‘em sleep in Day Two. Somehow we still managed 12 hours of Magic.
$$$ Tickets. You could feed a third world country for a year for what it costs a family of five to spend a day at Disney. Yeah, I’m conflicted on this one.
17 How many times Tad or I said “Don’t y’all wanna watch a movie?” to the kids on the drive down and back. I don’t get it. When I was a kid, THIS was the kind of thing I never dreamed would be a possibility in my lifetime. Go figure….
3 Number of movies they actually watched
3,000 The number of junk-food calories consumed per family member, per day.
30 The number of nutritious calories consumed per family member, per day.

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