[1] I heart my true blue devoted caring and attentive ROCKIN’ “regular” readers. I will not name names to protect the innocent. Wait a second, they’re not so innocent, so yes, I think I WILL name names. Hugs & cybersmooches in the most platonic of ways to e-mom, Peter, Pamela, and Claudia–they all noticed I was AWOL and in their own special way, showed their concern for me. More of the same to Susan, Malissa and LCO for their concern about my spinnin’ head. The rest of you can kiss my disfigured toe I am SURE were also worried, but kept your thoughts to yourselves so as not to pry.

To explain my absence from the blogosphere, both “here” (where PENSIEVE lives) and “there” (where [insert your blogname here] lives), I direct you to #2 below.

[2] Tomorrow is my 19th wedding anniversary. Friday morning, after dropping off our kids as early as we could get them to school, Tad and I fled the country got away for an amazing … wonderful … romantic … sursey-filled weekend. For whatever reason (what’s “special” about 19? 20 is looming, and 19 kind of gets lost…not really, but you know…), the weekend exceeded my expectations. Even with a few VERY MINOR glitches**, it was perfect. Ooooo! Hattip to Karmyn, didn’t you tell me about Oregon Erath wine? We had a
n i c e pinot noir :).

Okay, photos aren’t posting (not that there were that many), and my kids are hovering, so I’m hopping off for now. I mainly wanted y’all to know I’m NOT DEAD……….yet ;).

** Our cottage had a ladybug infestation. OF COURSE, I took pictures (insane, I admit, but it was to show y’all, big sigh), the vertigo assaulted me in return (when I laid on my back to photograph the ceiling), Blogger’s not uploading, so I’ll fool with it tomorrow. It could’ve been very scary bugs, at least ladybugs are well dressed happy bugs:).
** WICKED windstorm Saturday night, I thought we might end up in Kansas. No, wait, anywhere BUT Kansas.
** The music crashed so our first and LAST first ever couple’s massage was completed in relative silence. I had fun thinking about what Tad must’ve been thinkin’. So much for ambiance.
** the only picture taken of us features me with my stupid eyes closed :(.

See? barely worth mentioning, huh?

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