We’re at it again… playing in the hat department, this time not fancy ones, just $9 faux-fur toques (& scarves) at Target. This is our reward for shopping, because shopping to me and Rachel is torture. A necessary evil. Because she’s 14 and had the audacity to grow three inches since this time last year….and when she says she needs some new clothes, “need” is the correct word, we aren’t talking “want” here.

Apparently, even in fall and approaching winter, designers and retailers believe that young teens want to dress like MTV video hoes…I cannot BELIEVE the plethora of lace and satin camis for girls her age. They wouldn’t be so doggone pretty if they weren’t intended to be SEEN. The other aggrevation is skin-tight sweaters. I’m thinking body paint would be much more comfortable and would provide about as much warmth. One of the things I am MOST thankful for this season is that my daughter has a brain in her head and exercises good judgment 99% of the time. She’ll have no part of any of it. Sometimes I w i s h she was a bit more diverse and engaged when it came to fashion, but her modesty will keep her out of trouble and serve her well.

Today ended up being fun–we actually found some cute clothes, enjoyed each other’s company, and treated ourselves to Clumpies ice cream (a big YUM in these parts!) :). The funny thing is we didn’t exactly plan our six hours of shopping……after going to a morning matinee to see a friend acting in a community theater production, we simply kept going….and going….and going! We managed to avoid the post-Thanksgiving insanity, I guess the venues we chose weren’t the “hot spots” (certainly no electronics were involved).

Maybe one of these days I’ll actually BUY one of the hats we try on…:).

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