The Swampwitch from Anecdotes, Antidotes & Anodes tagged me, and since she might have mystical powers, I thought I’d better post it quickly. It’s shorter than the A-Z meme Carol (She Lives) hit me with, so it “wins” my attention first. Six things is 20 times easier than 26 things about me, even weird ones. I probably could’ve gotten away with re-posting my “Five Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me –they’re all rather weird, but in the spirit of fun (and for a quick post), here goes this one:

1) I do not drive wearing shoes if at all possible. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, doesn’t matter. Pouring down rain, who cares? Snow…wait a second, I don’t live where that is, only the perpetual grocery store-conspiratorial FAKE forecast the meteorological “much-ado-about-nothing-and-apparently- I-don’t-know-how-to-do-my-job” forecast blizzard warnings which amount to 12 flakes a “storm”, and even if it was 12 inches deep, I still wouldn’t wear shoes (but then again, I wouldn’t be driving…). I have arrived at my destination without shoes because of this. I tied up one of my kids, removed his shoes, and left him in the trunk (thank goodness all my children have feet close enough to the size of mine now). Groovy look. I haven’t forgotten since.

2) When dining out, I HAVE to have lemon for ice water. That’s not so weird, but once I squeeze out the juice, the slice CANNOT touch the water. Who knows whose hands have touched those lemons? And what “those hands” were doing before they sliced it? Ick Ick Ick! If they bring the water out with the lemon already in it, I usually drink it, but worry about what disease I might be introducing into my body. So far there doesn’t appear to be any parasitic activity. The crazy thing is I’m not a germiphobe otherwise…my inconsistencies could be a “weird” post all on their own :/.

3) According to my husband, I spend more time taking care of my feet, than he does on his entire body. This involves daily pumicing and the regular application of lotion most days…and the irregular use of Bath & Body concentrated foot lotion and oh-so-cute booties. If I didn’t do this, my feet would look like the picture at the right, and if that don’t make ya gag, I don’t know what will!

4) Self-delusion and denial are wonderful coping mechanisms. Do we ever see ourselves the way others do? Impossible, I think. Why do I begin #4 this way? In yesterday’s post, I explained how my closet is organized when I finally get around to doing so. I also explained this did not demonstrate obsessive-compulsive tendencies. In comments, Willowtree deftly noted:

If read the wrong way these sentences seem to be contradictory.

“Note, I draw the line at alphabetizing my clothes, so this is not an O-C act. My sweaters seem happier living with sweaters, my pants delight in hanging around with their two-legged counterparts…”

What part of putting sweaters with sweaters and pants with pants is not alphabetizing? I would never suggest that this is an O-C act, as it is quite clearly an act of insanity.

Then Swampy herself said:

Alphabetizing clothes? Why haven’t I thought of that? My spices are in ABC order, my catalogs are in ABC order, and now…my clothes?

OH! MY!! WORD!!! I alphabetize my spices, first according to brand, too! Crapola! I DO have O-C tendencies! Do I bless you or curse you for pointing out what I was oblivious to, but was (sadly) obvious to others?

5) With all my heart, with every fiber of my being, I BELIEVE I could go on Survivor AND WIN! In spite of the facts I am not athletic, well-traveled, or well-educated; I’m fearful of flying, scared of spiders, snakes and bugs (oh, my!), terrified of heights, and in addition to being extremely modest, I have an excruciatingly shy bladder and an even more performance-anxiety-riddled bowel. I can swim, however (you would not want to go into the ocean with me, for the afore-mentioned confession), and because of the above, I would not appear to be a threat. But with my cunning skills of deceit “spin” (I was a marketing professional in my other life), my engaging wit, and ability to play well with others, I’d be the one under the radar that they kept aboard until it was too late to unload me.

6) Give me any circumstance and I WILL find the good (and the God) in it. Maybe not right away, but always eventually. (I am thankful for this piece of “weird”.)

I have no idea who to tag. I have been so negligent in reading my blogline-nistas, I have no idea who has done this and who has not. If it looks like fun to you and you have some WEIRD skeletons who are DYING to get outta the closet, PLEASE play along and comment back to me that yours is up–I promise to come over and leave some comment proving that I’ve read your list ;).

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