So I celebrated my 44th on Friday, and on Saturday, while we entertained Tad’s brother, wife and precious babies, we found out something that left me speechless.

I can barely write it.  I think I need to throw up.  I’m too old for this.  My BODY is too old for this.

(g u l p)

…bun in the oven…
…in a family way…
…eating for two…

No matter how you word it, it only adds up to one thing.

Hope upon hope, prayer upon prayer, P L E A S E let it be just "eating for TWO", not an additional freak of nature and eating for three or four! 

If you wanna see what I looked like the last time it happened, click here!   (Demi Moore ain’t got nothin’ on me!  But I wish she did…..:/).

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