Revised 7/5 ~ "C o n t e s t" (that word being used very loosely) ends on Sunday.  And I’ve decided the prizes aren’t lame at all…they’re reeeallly good and will be highly coveted…so if you haven’t left a dazzling or poetic comment, it’s not too late.  And if you’re not so creative…remember…I CAN be bought ;).

1)  Does anyone remember seeing this hanging "down under" around a month of "Fun Mondays" ago? 


It’s probably familiar to a fair number of people who visit Robin’s little Pensieve, or at least to those who participate in Fun Monday.  It’s a prize I "w o n" when I resorted to bribery and demonstrated my imaginative contest-guessing prowess over at "A Dingo’s got my Barbie" aka Willowtree.  I had actually seen this bag when Willowtree asked us to post pictures of our blogging environments way back in February and commented on it then (it, or one like it, was hanging on a bookcase in his office).  Apparently he’s got a mind like a steel trap and that was my prize for his recent non-contest contest

Thanks, Peter, it’ll be going with us to the beach this week…it arrived just in time to make the trip:).

Oh…and for those of you who followed the dueling Photoshop expose’ soap opera between Willow and Marnie (ummm… adult- rated, so I didn’t link the actual posts…and really, it’s only fun(ny) to those who know those two knuckleheads)(and by "know" I guess I mean read with some regularity), he included an invisible letter with additional insight–they’ll be announcing their engagement soon, and something about kicking some "fashionista dirty uncle’s" behind….not real sure what he was talkin’ about.


2)  Jenny is one of my
favorite "Mamas", so when she begged me (see comments) to share a few decorating secrets with her, how could I say no…yes?  She even brought Victor with her to take a look around.  Here’s the paint recipe straight from the horse’s mouth (well, if a horse could talk, and by horse, of course, I mean paint can…except they can’t talk either, so why do people say that??).


Festivus_ice_cream_cl3)  What’s a
"Festivus" without "airing of grievances"?   But instead of grievances, how about a little contest.  And by little, I mean little.  What is this contest, pray tell?  Well…let’s see…we’re headed out of town on an annual pilgrimage to Kiawah Island.  My blog will be lonely.  There are no scheduled posts, no guest bloggers.  Won’t you keep her company?  Please?  Make me do a little happy dance when I get home and see your smiling faces wonderfully creative comments?

What’s the contest?  Best comment wins.  Best conversation in comments wins.  Best poem in comments wins.  Is that specific enough?  What do you win? 

Let’s let that be a surprise, she says rather slyly because I have no idea at the moment.

Have a great week, y’all.  Sure, I’m still discombobulated, but the beach is the BEST cure for discombobulation…I’m sure of that! 😀

Chop, chop, get chur comments on!


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