1)  Because Willowtree is a snarky son of a gun celebrating his birthday even the day after it’s over, he doesn’t have time to explain to me how you do a strike-through in typepad comments…Can anyone tell me how? (shhhh, it’s still his birthday in the States, so pop over and tell him happyhappy….just don’t tell him where you came from.)

a)  Actually, I meant LINK…how do you LINK to another page in comments?  But while I’m at it, I don’t know how to strike through either.  So, an answer to both would be ever-so-nice.

2)  In keeping with #1, can anyone tell me how to strike through in the post title?  I searched Typepad Help, gave up really fast couldn’t find it, and figured this was the easiest, fastest way to find out.  Because y’all are reeeallly smart.

Thank you for your help.

p.s.  I couldn’t enumerate this with three numbers because then it wouldn’t match the post title, and we can’t have that, can we?

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