Crazy_bunnyDoes it have to be all or nothin’?

Those, who, from the inside out understand "I’m not suffering from my insanity, I’m enjoying every minute of it" are best qualified to answer this not rhetorical question.

Why all the crazy talk?

Meet #2488:).

It couldn’t have come at a better time. 

November is CHOCK FULL of reasons to write–the season, holiday traditions, my BIG announcement (that you’re hearing about for the first–but definitely not last–time ta-day) (no, I’m not joining Karmyn in her nine-month weight gain program (please God, NO! but congrats to her!), and we celebrate officially our 20th wedding anniversary… where, for your viewing pleasure, I will set free my wedding dress that has been entombed in a hermetically-sealed box for TWENTY LONG YEARS, haunting me with the legitimate question, "Why buy the most expensive dress you’ll ever wear, and wear it only once?".

Oh, y e a h, baby…I’m busting that seal and I’m squeezing in; of course I’m banking on the fact  the hope  the pipe dream the assumption that I CAN get into it because a) it was a little big when I wore it last time; b) I’ve gained about 1/2 a pound a year for the past two decades, and surely, it’s either i) evenly distributed throughout my whole body so it won’t factor much into me fitting into my wedding dress, or ii) the dress will be VERY forgiving since it’s poofy where I’m "poofy".

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hmmm, to whet your appetite just a bit, let’s look at the dress as it is RIGHT.  NOW. 

It’s been living in our closet behind Tad’s clothes for the four years we’ve lived in Tennessee…



Oh, dear….WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?? Our house has NEVER flooded, for cryin’ out loud–WHAT’S WITH THE WATER MARK?  Is it ONLY on the OUTER BOX?

Well, my sweet little Pensieve-nistas…you’ll just have to tune in tomorrow…..

** my apologies to those who know how to write a REAL nail-biting cliffhanger…this is the best I can do 😉 **

Hattip to Claudia for the crazy bunny clip :).

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