Some of the BEST parenting advice given to us was provided by my brother-in-law (the one who told me I was FAT) of all people.  He did so, not under the guise of giving advice, but by sharing a Christmas tradition begun by his parents.

When he and his siblings were younger, they were limited to asking Santa for three gifts.  This served dual purposes:  1) Their parents tied this back to the Christmas account in Matthew, when the Magi lavished Jesus with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh; and 2) it forced the children to narrow down their lists, to focus on a few things they most hoped for. 

The result and benefits are obvious:  children have realistic expectations, parents don’t spend beyond their means, each gift has more significance since there are fewer of them, children aren’t overwhelmed and over-stimulated with too much STUFF, etc.  To me, most important, it’s a bit easier to focus on the wonder of Christmas–the incarnation of God Almighty for goodness sakes!–mind-blowing if you  allow yourself to consider what that means.


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