Oh.  My.  Goodness….!

I didn’t anticipate the outrage I’d hear when I asked a simple question….

Do you think the masterminds at Blogger dot com had ANY idea the fury they’d arouse when they disabled non-Blogger bloggers’ ability to register comments with a link back to their own blogs?  And, what about those poor bloggers whose blogs ARE Blogger blogs?  1)  They’re finding out non-Blogger bloggers are beginning to boycott Blogger blogs in protest ("nothing personal"), and 2) according to Candid Karina, it’s adversely affecting Blogger bloggers’ ability to follow comments back to the commenter’s blog.

(If Willowtree anyone is counting, that’s 15 uses of the word "blogger" or some derivative in one paragraph.  Apparently, I’m gunning for a mention in Guinness Book :/.)

Let’s start with the positives:  Blogger is F.R.E.E., people.  Personally, I think it was a great chew-toy to cut your blogging teeth on–user friendly and a variety of templates (theirs and otherDr_evil freebies on the net).  It’s the host I stayed with for over a year

Positives aside, it DOES appear that Blogger’s direction is towards exclusivity and making it MORE difficult if you aren’t in the family.  Hmmm, inbreeding?  Nepotism?  A quest to RULE THE BLOGGING UNIVERSE???  Gene_hackman_as_lex_luthor

Ah HA!  I’ve got it!!  Lex Luthor and Doctor Evil are running the Blogger show!! 

Now I understand p e r f e c t l y.


Because I felt like I was getting what I paid for with Blogger, I moved to Typepad in January.  Blogging is one of my favorite hobbies, so it was worth it to pay a little.   When it occurred to me how much I enjoy blogging, coupled with the amount of time I spend doing it, the price of a DVD rental (or two) each month was a fair exchange for an easier, more reliable blogging format.  Typepad isn’t perfect, but NO format is, and it fairly well approximates all I’m looking for. 

Have you written a post, rant, diatribe or rodomontade (is that a great word or what?!) about the new commenting identity crisis–con or PRO (haven’t seen one in support of Blogger yet, but I’d sure like to…)?  Have you read others around the b’sphere?  Lemme know in comments and I’ll add links to this growing list (inclusion is not an endorsement of opinions expressed by each blogger, I’m just finding it fascinating so many seem to be in an uproar…AND MOSTLY, I’m curious to see how Blogger will respond.  Blogger, ARE YOU LISTENING?):

First, an explanation of sorts by Blogger (thanks, Karina)

…and, then those who aren’t too happy:

Suburban Oblivion
The Hunter’s Wife
The Junk Drawer (a few posts and some solutions)
O Ceallaigh
The Blog Hog
Canned Laughter
Mom Gadget

Randa Clay Design

(she offers her solution)
Queen of Shake-Shake (reminding us to keep it in perspective, lol, it’s NOT world hunger after all!)
The Random Forest (a few posts and some additional insight into Open ID)
Lengthy thread at BlogCatalog (ht:  The Junk Drawer)
Just Thinkin’
Matts Nutts

What’s Wrong Around Us
A Rubber Door

The lone Blogger defender I’ve read so far: Cagey @ Rancid Raves

To my existing Blogger buddies–no worries, I’m not gonna abandon you…but it’s doubtful I’ll be commenting to any new Blogger blogs.

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