Thanks to this week’s host, Robinella, for giving us a break.  After Nablo, she simply said, I want you to dig through your blog files and show us your best effort." 

Yikes…best effort?  Well, these are the ones that came to mind right away (sorry…if I can’t choose a flippin’ flavor of ice cream, I sure can’t choose ONE post out of the 300+ I’ve written over the past year….) (While I’ve included more than one, if I HAD to choose just one of these, it’d most likely be the Living Years….). 

For the record, I KNOW Fun Mondays are BUSY, so I certainly don’t expect you to read all of them; I’ve included a brief explanation for each post so you can choose the ONE that floats your boat….

Trifecta series (My heart bleeding out loud…when I re-read ’em, I thought, "Did I write these?!")
Living Years (also a series, about the complexities of relationship, especially between parent and child…and an encouragement to FIND A WAY to really know (and maybe forgive) each other.)

But for fun? 

Robin, the alligator hunter (Because I was almost FACE TO FACE with a 10′ gator give or take a few feet!)
Robin gets a WILD hair!

My favorite poem of the year.  (Can you believe it?  I choose ONE of something!  This year, my favorite is a funny one…last year’s favorite was 180 degrees in the other direction…don’tcha like how I snuck that in?)

Those are my favorites…but my most popular posts?  And by "popular" I mean the most comments ever…. A GREAT movie quote and one of those random ones…  Go figure ;).

Be sure to visit Robinella and discover a LOT of favorites :).  And if you wanna join in the carnival, I’m sure she’ll be happy to add you to the list!

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