Thefly_2 The middle child, said with all the drama he typically musters when he has "something" to say:  "M o o o m,
T H AAA NNN K YOU for buying two-ply toilet paper!"

Me, amused, intrigued, that 1) the kid knows there’s a difference, 2) knows what a "ply" is, 3) considers it a gift that I buy it: "Umm…you’re welcome, baby…but have you ever even USED one-ply?"


My oldest daughter, chiming in:  "It’s like using TISSUE PAPER!!"

Maybe my "Mother of the Year" running should be reinstated; my kids have learned how to appreciate the "little things"–to me, a very BIG thing.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

And then there was the conversation on the way to school–

TMC:  "Mom, what does ‘betwelve" mean?"

Me, thinking this has something to do with science:  "It’s a vitamin that gives you lots of energy and boosts mind power."  Hmmm, I could use some of that…

Me, after second thought, realizing it probably had NOTHING to do with science:  "Why?"

TMC:  "I thought it had something to do with being fat…Brad was saying something the other day about some fat guy being a betwelve."

The light bulb illuminates as Rachel and I realize what he means.

Rach & I, simultaneously: "Ooooo, you mean beached whale…!"

But TMC is clueless, still:  "But why does that mean fat?" and trust me, this kid is pretty bright, so I’m thinking, "what’s there NOT to get??".

So, we go on to explain that when whales are sick or dying, sometimes they’ll throw themselves on the beach, and since it IS the largest mammal, it’s a huge creature displaced on the shore.  We went on to give him a few examples of the "correct use" (probably P.I. :/) of the phrase.

Rach noticed that he’s still not totally getting it, so she spelled it for him:  "B-E-A-C-H-E-D W-H-A-L-E"

FINALLY, the kid has complete clarity:  "OOooo, I was hearing y’all say ‘beachtwail’ and that didn’t make any sense."

No, it didn’t, but it sure did make for a funny ride to school :).


Photo credit, Carmi Levy, "Caption This 48"

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