The culprit:


Let’s take a closer look…


1)   For some bizarre reason, this little illustration reminds me of "The Lion and the Mouse".  Except I think "David and Goliath" is much more accurate.

2)  While I could’ve posted these pics with the pancake tire photos, I wanted these to have their own title. 

3)  But I wonder if it’s offensive….  It’s (p)funny to me, but when people drop my blog from their readers, I wonder if it’s because I’ve written something that offended them.

4)  I’m spicy…I cross lines…but always, ALWAYS, I’m aware that a) my children might read my blog; b) I would NEVER want to disparage the name of Christ as a follower who loves Him dearly (albeit imperfectly).  That’s why I reference being a JesusFreak from time to time.

5)  Bless his heart, my husband drove home (30 minutes) to change my tire.  He let me "help". 

    A)  He remembers to go right to the owners manual to find all the parts he needs (I would’ve looked and looked and looked (not even knowing what I was looking for) and THEN checked out the manual.

    B)  He laid out all the parts, then let me jack the car up (until I was going so slow he helped finish). 

    C)  Know how I know I’m miserably out of shape???  I got out of breath turning the jack handle :/. 

    D)  Tad then "let" me unscrew the lug nut.  Please commence to laughing out loud right now–I could not turn the blasted thing!  Even with all my weight against it!  P.i.t.i.f.u.l.!

6)  That little screw/nail did a really fine job.  A "repair" isn’t good enough to fix it; a new tire is.

7)  We’re going to "let" our daughter (15) put the new tire back on.  I’ll supervise (**snort**).

That’s all, I gotta run…I’m waiting on a return call from membership at AAA :)….

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