Works_for_me_wednesday_logo_2 For me to suggest organizing tips, imagine Donald Trump speaking on humility or Britney Spears offering parenting advice.  The thought is outrageously funny. 

Almost two years ago, I attended Youniquely Woman, promoted as an adult finishing school.  Led by Precept Ministries Executive VP, Kay Arthur, Homemakers by Choice founder, Donna Otto, and author and speaker, Emilie Barnes, it was an amazing week of these women investing in the lives of the participants.  Very hands on, they mentored us in everything from becoming a woman of excellence to sexing up your husband (I'm not kidding).  Practical advice was offered and there's little doubt the conference made a lasting impression on those able to attend.

Two of the tips that made it home with me, one suggested by Emilie, the other by Donna, are still around two years later.

Organizing Paper Clutter

Files If you're like me, you can almost drown in the tsunami of papers that find their way into your home.  I'm not talking about junk mail you just toss–bills, school papers, letters that require response–legitimate papers you need to keep.

Donna offered a simple solution that actually works when you use it!  As soon as papers cross the threshold of your house, DO something with them right.then.  Toss them, act on them or file them in a convenient place immediately.  As pictured here, I have a little file system that "lives" in our laundry room–strategically placed in a spot near our back door.   

Kitchen_filing_system The files I made were for kids' school papers, medical/dental receipts for insurance filing, restaurant coupons and menus, a file for things I needed to respond to later, a "to read" file, one for our church and Bible Fellowship (we're one of our class's lead couples), and one for papers that needed to be filed in our permanent filing cabinet (upstairs, not conveniently located).

The key is convenience; the pay-off, theoretically, is no more ceiling-high stacks of papers sitting around all over the place.

Purse Organization

Emilie, the sweetest, most organized person on the planet, shared a tip for keeping your pocketbook under control.  Because I affectionately refer to my pocketbook as The Abyss and it takes me forever to find anything, when I follow her advice, it makes a difference.  I don't always follow it.

She suggested keeping all purse items in mini bags inside your purse, rather than simply having a dumping ground inside.  Here's a before and after of my purse last night:


I group like items together for each pouch; pictured above, there's one for make-up; receipts; mints, gum and candy; and "personal items".  This way, when you change pocketbooks, rather than having a mess on your hands, you can just transfer the little bags.  Oh…and you can find what you're looking for MUCH easier :).

SwapandhoplogobuttonVisit Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer for more "Works for Me Wednesday tips.  Lysa of Proverbs 31 Ministries also hosted a recent carnival for  organizing suggestions; if you have any yourself, please share in comments!  If you devote an entire post to it, be sure to visit the "Swap and Hop" and link your suggestions.

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