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40orlessatpensieve From my earliest memory I was fascinated with clouds–vaguely recalling my first flight around age seven, I wanted to "catch" some white puffies and keep them in my shiny, new, black patent leather pocketbook bought especially for the trip.  Eventually I settled for cotton candy.

Do you "see" anything in these cumulus formations?  Are you lost in rumination on cloudy days?  Are you compelled to write poetry?

Whether a simple title for the photo or a 40-syllable soliloquy, you have 40 words or less to share your response to this photo taken somewhere over the Caribbean on our 20th Anniversary trip in October.  Have fun–don’t over-think it!  Just let your mind wander a few minutes, pen your thoughts, then come back here on Friday and link your post (need a reminder?  be sure to leave a comment here!).

Click here for more details of Friday’s 40 Photo Challenge.

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