So, I’m at the SheSpeaks conference in Concord, NC, rubbing elbows with the Mamas Big & Boo, and hanging with a lady who has Rocks in her head Dryer.  Day one sessions have been fruitful, and it’s a BLAST talking all things blawg with those who actually want to.

My roomies for the weekend are Jo-Lynne and Sarah; we met officially 10 hours ago, but I’m pretty sure I’ve known ’em for a lifetime. 

I’d love to show you all the pictures I took today; however, due to technical difficulties, most of them are gone.  Vamoose.  Which sorely disappoints me ’cause I was cataloging everyone’s feet–clearly a loss for footwear fashionistas.

Instead, I offer you the few shots that were recorded…I’m sure, they’ll make you wish you were here.

Our luggage cart; the conference is for the weekend…we’re planning on staying ’til August.


Tonight’s (yummy) dessert–


That’s all I’ve got, folks…it’ll get bettah tomorrow…pinky promise ;).

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