388028collageofonehundreddollarbillCheck out the links at the bottom of this post, y’all!!  Thanks to readers who "know" these things :).

Remember when Paula Deen hijacked my blog and offered y’all 20% off everything in her online store?

As a result of that, I learned something valuable:  EVERY time you’re planning to make an on-line purchase anywhere…google the name of the retailer and the words "promotion code".  Frequently, people land at my blog because they’re specifically looking for Paula Deen promotion codes (too bad mine’s expired).  I made mental note of this.

The other night, my husband was ordering a few shirts from Eddie Bauer; he asked me if I had any [snail mail] coupons and because I didn’t, I searched for "June 2008 Eddie Bauer promotion codes".  I found one for 20% off!  He entered it, and sure enough, it was legitimate! 

Maybe everyone on the planet already knows this trick, but in case you were hiding under neighboring rocks to my own, I thought I’d share my good fortune.  You might not find one every time, but it’s certainly worth trying!

I’d love to know YOUR success if you’ve done this; how much money have you saved??

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Links that might just save ya enough money to buy 1/2 a tank of gas!  Lemme know if you know of some not listed, and I’ll upload the link with a hat tip to you! 🙂

retailmenot.com (HT Phil-the-webmaster Peterman)
Mamanista’s Coupon Code Page (HT Mamaluxe from Mamanista)
couponcode.com (HT Megs)

Photo credit:  Allposters.com

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