Flakey, dusty, crusty, glassy-eyed stuffed fish makes for some fine blogging, no?

A c t u
a l l y, this is not the photo I wanted to post in response to Olive’s Fun Monday challenge; the one I wanted to share is stinkin’ adorable, and in my mind’s eye, one of my favorite all-time pictures/mom memories EVAH.

It’s Stephen, with his Big Catch. 

Only I can’t find the picture :(…in any of our digital folders or truckloads of prints.  It’s "somewhere", but for now I’ve wasted enough daylight looking for it.

Instead, I offer you my husband’s Big Catch.  It used to live in a pond; now it lives in our garage–where all stuffed, dead fish SHOULD live (and more power to the women who allow the likes of such hung on their walls…like my friend Tammy, who’s not a blogger, but who IS probably reading this.  Except she has about a dozen?  more??  deer/elk/moose/bison/hairy beasts hanging on the walls of her home.  She’s a good wife.).

And my Big Catch?  A)  It wasn’t exactly fishy, B) it was a saltwater "catch", C) and the "Big" part is in quantity, not size.  Does this count (click then scroll to end for the piccha)??

Pop over to Olive’s for more Fun Monday (and I’m certain, truer to her theme) Fish Tales.   

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