Has it ever occurred to you that you have the power to change the world for good?  That through your generosity and compassion, you can alter a child’s future, bringing hope and help to one who has true need.  Not want, but very real economic, social physical and spiritual needs.

This is Isaura, my baby-girl I sponsor through Compassion International’s child sponsorship program.  She had been waiting over six months for a sponsor when I “met” her, and when I looked into her dark, soulful eyes, her gaze penetrated my heart and I knew she was The One.

Isaura lives in the Dominican Republic and her parents are laborers; most adults who are able to find employment make the equivalent of $120/month. My sponsorship (through local project staff) affords her opportunity she would not otherwise have access to:  birthday celebrations, dental care, educational field trips, health education, Bible teaching–things taken for granted for my own children!

I’ve been aware of Compassion International forever.  When Shannon (Rocks in My Dryer) and Sophie (BooMama) blogged about their Africa trips, I began seriously considering sponsorship; I trust them, and their words lended credibility to the mission.  But it was Shaun Groves who convinced me to act; two of his blog posts answered lingering questions that haunted me.  Click to read his posts in full, but highlights might interest you:

He answers questions posed by readers here (Does all of my $32 go to my sponsored child every month?  Am I the only one sponsoring my child or does my money go into a fund or something that takes care of lots of kids?  How on earth does 80% of $32 make the difference you say it does?  How?  You can’t be shooting straight.  So I’ve heard you say Compassion International works through local
churches and pastors.  Ok, well, what’s in it for them?  Are they making some cash off the deal or what?
and more…).

Here, he explores in detail the difference between Compassion International and World Vision (Compassion always works through the local church; Compassion International child sponsorships are actual whereas World Vision’s are symbolic; World Vision is a relief organization whereas Compassion is in the work of child development.)

This is where I wish I had thousands of readers; this is where I’d love to be able to play Jedi mind tricks and compel you to action.

For about a dollar a day will you say “yes”?  Will you join me and so many others who are “releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name”?   Have you already been considering sponsorship?  Maybe you’re reading this today because it’s time for you to move!

Look at my paycheck!  These hand and foot tracings accompanied the first letter I received from Isaura a few weeks ago!  Working with her
local project coordinator, she told me about her siblings, her pet kitties and that her favorite color is yellow…and she likes cherries.  How random is that??  She wanted me to know she likes cherries!!

Here are some suggestions for supporting Compassion International and its good works; you can be a life-changer if you do one or all:

  • Click this link to find children in greatest need, who’ve been waiting the longest for a sponsor.  When a pair of eyes penetrate your heart, you’ll know your baby-girl or baby-boy (even if the child is a teen!).
  • Stumble, Kirtsy or Digg, etc. this post.
  • If you can’t commit to a monthly donation, would you consider a one-time contribution?
  • Email your non-blogging friends and family with a link to this post; ask them to read it and to consider sponsoring a CI child.
  • If you’re a blogger who sponsors a child, tell your story in a post (and please, let me know if you do or already have–I’ll link it here!)

I know these are bold requests; but it’s a simple way to join a global work, that seeks to incarnate the gospel for “the least of these“.

It’s not about me, it’s about them, and I’m privileged to speak on their behalf :).


More stories!  They’re blessin’ my heart, internets.  Blessin’ my heart!

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