"Life is what happens while you are busy
making other plans."

~ John Lennon

Which explains a lot.


I shopped for seven hours yesterday with my daughter–1-2-3-4-5-6-7– looking for the Perfect Dress for her presentation on Homecoming Court.  Because I loathe shopping particularly when there’s an A-Gen-Dah, in light of the fact I’d rather bathe in a vat of vinegar, locusts and double-edged razor blades (go with me people…stream of consciousness…the first three yicky things that popped in my head), I am now officially a contender for Mother of the Year (after losing status a squillion times since January from all my mother-flaws). 

We found The Dress.  A coup.  Story to follow when pigs fly  when my reader is clear  when I figure out WordPress  after I murder my Inspired Bliss and Blog Nosh bosses for subjecting me to WordPress one day, hopefully soon.

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