Recently, I had opportunity to sample several Febreze products:

  • Febreze  Décor Collection ~ The bottle is touted to be
    attractive enough to blend in with your home decor, but for me I think
    that selling point is a bit silly.  It’s not unattractive, but because
    the liquid is cloudy, the image on the back of the bottle is hard to
    see.  In terms of function, it’s a light scent that smells nice, but I
    wouldn’t go to the extra expense of buying this line (not sure if it’s
    the same price or more).


Febreze Fabric Refresher ~ Does its job nicely.
Easy-on-your-trigger finger, a fine mist spray that quickly dissipates
into the air, and a light, lingering freshness that doesn’t reek of
"air freshener".  I was thankful to have received the "Lavender Vanilla
and Comfort" scent–based on names, I’m sure it’s my favorite.  I’m
keeping the bottle in our kitchen, where it’s close to all the places
we "live".  Whereas I can’t see myself purchasing from the Décor Collection, I can see buying this again when ours is gone.

  • Febreze to Go, Extra Strength ~ If you carry a large
    purse (or briefcase), this is a wonderful thing to have on hand.  I’ve
    stayed in hotel rooms before that had an "odor" to them–not unclean,
    just not "good" (and then there was our D.C. trip, see #8).  Oh, how I wish I would have had a bottle of Febreze
    to Go!  Compact, extra strength–just the thing you need when you’re
    somewhere that could use refreshing. 

My kids all play sports, and though I hadn’t thought about it before I received the samples, I think a good use of Febreze will be to spray inside their shoes. 

How have you used it in imaginative ways?  If you’ve never tried it, click here for coupons by snail or email* and here for a ton of P&G products.

Tiny disclaimer:  I didn’t click through myself to get the email coupon; it "looks" okay, but as always, be careful when giving out personal info.

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