Until I’m finished with Part Deux of "My Series of Unfortunate Events", can we talk turkey?  Cause if we do, you might just walk away with a FREE Butterball turkey!

This year we’ll be playing host to my husband’s family for Thanksgiving, and I was most grateful when the Butterball people decided to help me by footing the bill for the main dish; I can only hope mine turns out as pretty as theirs.

If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving meal, the Butterball site is FULL of helpful information–recipes, how-tos, even a calculator to determine what size bird you need based on the number of adults, children and THEIR APPETITES!  Whizbang, I tell ya…whiz!bang!

Guess what?  TWO readers have a chance to win a $15 certificate for a Butterball turkey, too.  All you have to do is write a poem related to Thanksgiving–a couplet, haiku, limerick, English Sonnet–I don’t care about form, I’m looking to be entertained.  I’ll pick my top five favorites (presuming at least five people enter) and then let readers vote.  You may enter as often as you’d like (if you’re crazy like me and can’t stop at one!), but every poem needs to be commented separately.

Comments will close Tuesday @ 11:59 p.m. and I’ll post the five contenders by Wednesday at noon EST.

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