Prompted by my admission that sometimes I m i g h t wet my pants, readers shared their most embarrassing moments in the comment threads of those posts; a few told me they would love to blog it, just not at THEIR blogging spot.  We’ll call it Blogging Public Service that I invited them to write it and guest post it here at PENSIEVE…’cause we ALL know I’m all about self-effacing public humiliation laughing “at” or “with”, just as long as you laugh!  If you’d like to share YOUR story, include it here in comments or email me!

Thanks to Michelle, one of Inspired Bliss’s wonderful contributors, for sharing her story; awkward as it is…I didn’t know whether to laugh or CRY!


My worst, most humiliating, horrifying,
embarrassing moment happened about a year ago:  I dropped a cell phone on a dead

Not dead as in laying in a coffin dead, but freshly dead, as in just
died.  I am always deeply uncomfortable in these situations because I have
absolutely no idea what proper deathbed etiquette is.  I usually just fumble
around and do the best I can while my super-star pastor husband says and does
everything with grace, compassion, and eloquence.

So we’re standing around the dead body, and I’ve
got my cell phone in my hands.  I think we were going to pray or something, and
as I reached out to grab someone’s hand, my hand slipped.  My cell phone landed
with a surprisingly loud thud right in the middle of the dead guy’s chest. 
Every single person in the room looked at the phone, and then looked at me.  I
could have fallen through the floor.  I wished I could fall through the floor. 
My beloved husband gave me a pitiful look, picked up the cell phone, and handed
it back to me.

If someone you know dies, don’t call me to come.  I
will not bring comfort.  I will be awkward and uncomfortable, and you will be as
well.  I will call or send a nice card.

~ Michelle Wegner

Editor’s note: the one time I’m thankful NOT to have a picture to accompany the post!

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