Well known for Rainbow Row, Charleston, SC has to be one of the South’s most beautiful cities; I’d go so far as to say one of the United States’ most precious gems.  Steeped in rich history and tradition, downtown Charleston is a walker’s delight, tantamount to strolling through an outdoor museum.  Gardens are masterpieces, homes are colorful–both from the hues they’re painted and for the stories their walls could tell–and even cobbled streets speak timeless, rugged beauty.  Like an exquisite wine, this city only improves with age.

Thematic Photographic is a weekly photo challenge, extended by Carmi Levy, Written Inc.   From my first visit to Carmi’s blog, I was enchanted; his observations of the world have a lyrical quality about them, and I’m certain he has a poet’s heart (though I’ve yet to see him scribe a verse).  He’d love to have you join in–this week’s theme is "Rows" (new themes are posted on Wednesdays).  I had so many row-themed pictures from Charleston alone, I decided to let this be my submission for today.

~ Enjoy the mini-travelogue!


A not-so-secret garden.


Stacks of cannonballs, ready to guard and protect the Battery.


Someone’s front porch; I can’t imagine.


Not yellow, but very much a brick road…and wall.


Most homes feature wrought iron somewhere; I always wonder are they trying to keep others out, or someone in….


The extent of classic Georgia, Federal, Adamesque, Greek Revival, Italianate, and Victoria homes is unparalleled anywhere else in America, [and] is featured block after block throughout the Charleston peninsula (source: locountry.com).

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