Is it just me, or have you mentally written about two dozen blog posts that haven't found their way out of your head and onto the page because they're obstacled by shopping or cooking or family time or visiting or cleaning or eating or traveling or everything-ing lately?

I do think "obstacle" makes a nice verb, don't you?  And "everythinging"?  It should definitely make Webster's New Words of 2009 next year (or Urban Slang–will one of y'all submit that for Word of The Day?  Is there even such thing as Urban Slang Words of the Day???).

I mean, you're missing fabulous stories about The Great Christmas Irony of 2009 and The Day We Found Out Bananas-the-Baby-Bunny is a BOY and How Paula Deen Tried To Kill Me AGAIN which might have as its companion post This Morning I Ate Sin For Breakfast (thanks to @CPAMom for the suggestion). 

This hasn't been an intentional blogging break, but it's been a full one :).  We'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming (or something like that) soon.  In the meantime?  Peace and joy and love and life to you and yours.


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