Sometimes I'm taunted by the blank page when thought and word escape me.  I'm reduced to the Scrabble player who, after studying the tiles for minutes measured in centuries, euphorically celebrates an eight-point, three-letter word. 

I cain't get no…sa-tis-fac-tion in that.

Then there are the times when I have a muse that could rustle legions to glory and make the ancients weep and propel whispers to roar; but I'm not allowed to write about it, typically out of respect for those closest to me who don't share my same verbal-exhibitionism.  

Paradoxical the Lord would infuse my DNA into three little bodies who clearly are my children based on temperament and favor, yet leave out that gene, and betroth me to a man who prefers privacy.  Ah, the humanity…!

In other words, cloaked in veil and buried beneath a pile of Southern vagaries, my heart is imploding from the weight of story I'm not able to share…mother aches and circumstances of others that could provide material for an entire series of books–trade or fiction. 

Make that trade and fiction.

Anyways…because I can't write what I reallyREALLY want to, I'll share a few of my favorite words just for the fun of it:

  • luscious…doesn't that just roll off your tongue and compel you to thoughts of decadence or deliciousness or both?  
  • scrumptious…why does that word make me happy?  I use it sparingly because I don't want to dilute its umph.
  • imbroglio…sweet mercy, I've used this often in the past and only recently discovered I've been pronouncing it wrong.  The "g" is silent.  Oh, how the proud do fall when "airs" are deflated.
  • obsidian…I prefer to use it in unexpected places

Of course, there are zillions more, but I don't wanna hog 'em all.  Do you have favorite words?  Please…share!!  They might join my ever-growing list of treasured word-gems!

**Bonus points if anyone can make a coherent sentence out of my four favorites listed!**

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