I'm convinced even under the best of circumstances, having teenagers in the house fertilizes the scalp for gray hair.  Certainly relational angst contributes, as does juggling academics and extracurriculars, but the one thing that will clutch your heart like a wart-nosed witch's gnarly taloned fingers and mercilessly squeeze it til it's barely beating is your child turning 15…

…and receiving his/her driver's permit.


Having gone through this two years ago with my oldest, I'm hopeful it will be easier this time around.  Will my son reap the benefit of us having endured this torturesque training ground and rite of passage with his older sister?  Will we be more laid back?  Have I ever buckled my seat belt more quickly?  Clutched the armrest more tightly?  Prayed more earnestly???

There might not be any atheists in foxholes, but I can't imagine there being any in the passenger seat of a car driven by a boy whose voice changed just last week. 

He's got a swaggered confidence that eluded his sister and, if properly guided by his side- and back-seat driving parents, might serve him well.  

This morning was his inaugural Drive To School.  Reaching for any positive reinforcement I could offer (and suppressing the urge to fling open the car door, shove him out and take over the wheel), I complimented how closely he drives to the right line; inadvertent games of "Chicken" had been an issue with my first driver.    

In an effort to placate me by conceding that Mama Knows Best, perfectly serious the kid quips, "Well, I'd rather hit the curb than a car," and I decided right then and right there we were gonna be alright.

Relatively speaking ;).

Your turn:  If your kids are younger, are you looking forward to or dreading having another driver in the house?  If yours are passed this age, do tell your war stories!!

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