It has to be a very good reason for me to spend four nights away from my husband and kids….and it was.


From Wednesday to Sunday I had the pleasure of immersing myself in The Matrix aka the world of blogging.  Kelby Carr invited me to join a panel of fabulous speakers at her inaugural Type-A Mom Conference (she called me her "Token Type-B") and it was a long weekend of thinking in community with about 250 sharp, savvy, fun, inspiring, challenging women (and even a few men).

I'll share more details about the sessions I co-lead ("Writing with Authenticity and Passion" and "Balance") soon.  This was one of those times I wanted to clone myself and attend most all the sessions!

One of the sweetest bonuses of the conference was spending time with Amber (author of The Run-a-muck); I'm guaranteed to laugh until I cry when I'm with her–this time I swear I cracked a rib, something to do with "beef bourguignon" (<—YOU try to pronounce it!)…and after the tears from laughter, we might just shed a few from a certain depth of "knowing"…. Above, we're sharin' the love on the grounds of Asheville's famed Biltmore House.

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