After 4 1/2 years of blogging and attending 4 1/2 blog conferences, it finally occurred to me why bloggers flock to them like Trekkies to a Star Trek convention white on rice:

We're among Our People.

My non-blogging friends used to give me that "bless her heart" look (the not-good kind) when I tried to explain blogging to them, let alone a blogging conference (which is about the same expression I'd wear if they told me they were going to a Star Trek convention).  They had a slight change of heart when I told them Harry Connick, Jr. was giving Blissdom attendees a private concert–

They all started a blog.

I kid, of course, but interesting how "celebrity" legitimizes blogging to them….  (That's all I have to say about that lest I resort to snarky remarks….)

(in)courage writers attending Blissdom 10 Somewhere along the way, the line separating friends in real life and online friends disappeared.  I've met too many.  I've shared too much in common.  Stumbling onto the talent of an amazing writer, being inspired and moved to action by the words of another, laughing–out loud–from the tales of master storytellers, relating to similar life experiences (the good and the bad), discovering a common faith–all are bridges to relationship. 

Geography poses no barrier to digital friendship.  

At Blissdom some of the smartest, funniest, most inspiring, kindest, gentlest, challenging, encouraging women convened in one place to learn and share and give and take.  I got to meet my (in)courage writing team.  I met bloggers I've read my entire blogging career and those whom I've discovered only recently. 

And I got to spend t i m e with a few lovies who it hurts to tell
goodbye.  Which kind of feels good.

One of the aspects to my friendships whose genesis is from blogging is they're much more diverse than my friendships geographically anchored.  Their written words and blog savviness and differences draw me to them. 


Stay tuned for much more throughout the week:  love for ALL our sponsors (is it okay for me to name a few of my favorites??), congratulations and thoughts for conference founders Alli Worthington and Barbara Jones, a story on faithful obedience, and a tale about a would-be princess. 

Good gracious I hope I can get it all in!  May the Force be in my fingers and may YOU live long and prosper. 

Which suddenly makes me think bloggers need a secret hand-shake or salute or something.  I'll get to work on that, too ;).

Your turn:  Bloggers, chime in!  If you've gone to a conference, tell me why YOU love 'em/hate 'em; if you haven't, what are your perceptions about them?  If you aren't a blogger, what is a hobby you love so much you're willing to devote a weekend of your time to focus on it?

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