A freshly-turned 30-something introduced me to Gungor, and while I listened to their music, I read their story and a mad crush ensued.  Their eclectic stylings refuse conventional genre, so goshdarnit, they made up their own: "liturgical post-rock" for starters.  "Beautiful Things" is simple, breathy and hope-filled, "Dry Bones" (my favorite) begins softly and finishes big, and "God is Not a White Man"…well that one reminded me of a kinder, gentler Derek Webb (and it still makes its point).  

Reading their blog, I sense a genuine search for Jesus and exploration of their faith…and a slight chip on the shoulder for "traditional" church or maybe it's mainstream church.  The kinda chip that grows from a faith that knew it all and now doesn't, that is comfortable with questions that don't demand answer.  I think age and maturity imperceptibly whittle away those chips over time.  Lots and lots of time.

To introduce them to you, I stripped them of stage and presence and chose "The Earth is Yours," captured live in a forest.  Natural, organic…you'll really taste their flavor.

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