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  • In my estimation, he's a modern-day hero & if he wore a cape, it would have a small "s" on it (or probably more likely a big "J" but not because that's who he thinks he is but because it's who he loves most…). He's also committed to doing whatever it takes to release children from the chokehold of poverty.  Now he needs a little help from his friends and he's found the funnest, brilliantist way to do so!
  • A new blogger to me, Melody of Brave Girls Club shared a painful perspective that absolutely blew me away.  It will make you look at EVERYONE differently….
  • Amuse Bouche.  Gosh, I like this site!  First for the title (I actually considered changing my blog name to that until I discovered all the domains were taken) and then for the content.  
  • Story Bleed is getting ready to kick it into high gear; be sure to bookmark it now for future wonderfulness. 


Your turn:  I really, REALLY wanna know your favorite post or site discovery from the past week or so–one you wrote or one you loved, please share a link in comments! 🙂

Find more great links on Mandi's Saturday Stumbles at It's Come 2 This.  

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