After weeks of organizing, scheming, planning and dreaming…

    and days of eager anticipation and expectation…

        and despite a few last-minute surprise "Uh-oh's!"…

Therapon Face2Face sign

Therapon's inaugural Face2Face Event was in a word:
 S p e c t a c u l a r !  

An event-capacity three-dozen friends (and friends of friends) joined me for an opportunity to experience Therapon Skin Health and to celebrate the real beauty of women–different shapes and sizes, from their 20s to their 50s, fashionistas and thrift-store shoppers.  There's strength in our diversity.

5159505354_238bdc4931 (Above l-r, Jenn, Amy, Nikki, Mandi & Tara)

Though most attendees were local girls, Malia (below left) and Tori (below center) made the drive from Nashville (pictured with Chatty blogger Sara); and Dedra (below right with me) hopped over from Madison, AL (I'm sure I'm sharing some double-nought secret secret 🙂 ).

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Therapon skin renewal systemEach lady was treated to a facial using Therapon's Skin Renewal System, follow-up make-up application, and an upper back, neck and shoulder massage ending with a hand treatment using Nupeel Natural Enzyme Peel.  I'm not naming names, but more than one friend demanded gently suggested that I feel their hands afterwards, which under different circumstances might be a little sketchy, but in this case was perfectly acceptable. 

What's a party without favors?  Everyone also went home with two-week sample sizes of all the products to continue using at home.


Therapon Face2Face Event at Chattanooga Plastic Surgery Chattanooga Plastic Surgery's beautiful office was the perfect location to play host, and co-owner Linda Leech and her staff were wonderful–professional, enthusiastic and accommodating.  So impressive, if anyone I know has need of their diverse services, it will be the first place I recommend.

Long-time friend Jan Trout joined CPS staff to provide facials, and her partner Chris Triplett provided massage; if you're looking for local esthetics, massage, yoga and yes, belly dancing instruction (!), check out Lotus Life Spa!  (Their site is under construction, so please be sure to check back.).  Thanks, too, to Mike Sandburg and several of his school's graduates for providing massage services when our previously scheduled techs had to back out last minute.

DSC_0205 Apron Strings Catering provided a scrumptious spread–gorgeous presentation and equally delicious tasting.  I'm thrilled to have discovered this Chattanooga Culinary gem! 

Looking back, three additional thoughts come to mind:  

One, I wish we had a photographer–we don't have a lot of pictures from the event because we were too busy to take them!  I tried and Stephanie tried, but it was more important to keep services transitioning smoothly and to visit with those who made time to attend.  My blogger friends can especially appreciate how frustrating it is not to have great pics post-event CAUSE WE WANNA RE-LIVE THE MOMENTS! 🙂

Rachel & Christina at Therapon's Chattanooga Face2Face Two, several donations were made to Operation Smile through product purchase or check–almost $400 was contributed to this important, life-changing organization!  I appreciate Therapon's commitment to bridge together business, fun and social conscience.  Win-win-win, yes? 

Third, Face2Face would have been seamless perfection had it not been for an "Uh-oh!" I mentioned earlier:  three make-up artists failed to show up!  

Jean & Susan--Real beauties at Therapon's Chattanooga Face2Face Why in THE world would I admit this when the event was otherwise pretty near perfect?  

Because, to me, it characterized beauty.  

We could have seen a half-empty glass and been angry; attendees could have walked out in frustration and disappointment; our organizing team could've conceded failure since the event wasn't "perfect."  

Keena at Face2Face Chattanooga Instead, everyone rose to the occasion!  

The one make-up artist who honored her commitment, Angela Jordan, was FABULOUS!  I strongly recommend her should you need that type service and live anywhere in the Southeast.

Christina, Therapon's social media marketing manager, who in another life worked with Chanel, jumped right in when the line got long and did a fantastic job pinch-make-up-hitting.  

But mostly, all the women who gave us their entire Saturday afternoon–some traveling for hours!–didn't mind at all!  There was no complaining or questioning, and I even had a few ladies offer to "help" with make-up:  "I've sold Mary Kay, I watch Jerseylicious and I've acted on stage, so I'm totally qualified, right?"  Do I dare tell you who that local was??  

For those able to hang out a bit longer, we headed to J. Alexanders for dessert and coffee; if you've ever eaten at J. Alexanders, you know this is, indeed, a treat.  But as fabulous as their warmed carrot cake, hot fudge cake and white chocolate cheesecake was, their sweetness didn't compare to an afternoon with some amazing, warm, considerate, intelligent, thoughtful, caring, fun, insightful, women.

Real beauties?  In every sense of the word.


Heartfelt thanks to Jessie, Malia, Tori, Dedra, Laura B., Amanda, Stephanie H., Susan, Jean, Laura S., Tiffany M., Paige, Tara, Viki, Darla, Becky, Jeannette, Nikki, Mandi, Jean, Amy, Michele, Joy, Sandy, Rachel, Kris, Tracy, Dawn, Stephanie R., Keena, Shari, Tiffany P., Libbie, Sara and Lindsay!  Ginormous hugs of relief & joy to Christina & Stephanie, too! 🙂


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