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A few months ago I was contacted by Xtreme Lashes to see if I might be interested in trying AMPLIF?eye Lash & Brow Fortifier, a new product by Jo Mousselli designed to "grow longer, thicker, darker, more plentiful lashes…without the risk of Rx side effects."  I'm a natural skeptic when it comes to product hype, but because I have pitifully sparse eyelashes I figured I had nothing to lose and potentially eyelashes to gain.

Researching the product and watching a video describing AMPLIF?eye, I discovered:

  • AMPLIF?eye is the strongest, side-effect free, peptide-based product proven to grow lashes (peptids are amino acids, the basic building blocks of hair and lashes).
  • The peptides penetrate the lash line and into the lash follicle to stimulate hair growth and strengthen the root structure.
  • Its formula is based on a potent complex of peptides, vitamins and nourishng extracts.

In contrast to a well-known prescription brand that I'll choose not to name out of courtesy, AMPLIF?eye does not rely on the hormone prostaglandin to stimulate growth. 

A few weeks into using it morning and night, I began to see a difference; my lashes were fuller and longer.  The results weren't extreme but they were definitely perceptible.  It was much more obvious when I applied mascara–then there was a dramatic difference.  The biggest compliment I received?  When Angela, our Face2Face make-up artist extraordinaire asked me if I had been using [the well-known prescription brand] lash fortifier!  You can use AMPLIF?eye on thinning eyebrows, too, but as I've already established with excessively generous, caterpillar eyebrows I have no need for that!

AMPLIF?eye's offical launch is next week (that's why you haven't heard about it yet–this is cutting edge, people!!) and you have a chance to win a full-size sample valued at $119!  All you need to do is comment to this post telling me about your favorite beauty discovery. 

Fine print:

  • Giveaway runs through Friday, December 10 @ noon EST.
  • Xtreme Lashes will deliver anywhere–no geographical restrictions!
  • After you comment your favorite beauty discovery, you may gain additional entries by Tweeting or Facebooking about the giveaway; just link the specific URL from your tweet/FB status in a separate comment.


Insider's tip:  If you follow XtremeLashes on Twitter and/or Like them on Facebook, I bet you'll have opportunities for additional product giveaways. 

{For the record, do you have any idea how painful it is for me to post these pictures of me without make-up???  Believe me, black and white is doing you a favor!}

Before ~



After ~


Thanks to Xtreme Lashes for providing me a complimentary sample; nothing makes me happier than to be able to speak favorably on a product's behalf when it delivers what it promises!

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