As a snow-deprived Southerner who finds kittenish delight in even the slightest of dustings, I understand mine is a short-sided view.  Where I see beauty and wonder and fun, friends north and west of me see dread and danger and imposition.  

I suppose it's a frosty bleached version of "the grass is always greener…."

Our celebrated, much-anticipated first EVAH White Christmas sent me on a photowalk around my yard and I discovered extraordinary coolness had been hanging just outside my bedroom window– 

snowy rooftop

Maybe it's the nerdy kid in me, but I would love to see time-lapsed photography of the icicles forming.  

They're gorgeous…

snow and ice on rooftop


And haunting…

Icicles on house


And stabbity…

icicles on house


Remember that scene in Lovely Bones where the very bad guy got his due?  When an icicle broke off a building and impaled him?  That's what I thought of when I took this picture–


…it would've been pretty funny for someone to have taken a shot of me hanging outside my window upside down, but for ego's sake, I'm glad no one saw me!


For perspective, I did break off one…


And with hat hair, no make-up on and 12 layers of clothes, I kinda look like the Abominable Snowman from Rudolph holding an icy scepter.  

It doesn't take much to make me happy, does it?  Weather?!  While some find it pedestrian or unworthy of conversation, apparently I had plenty to say about it in 2010 ~

Please tell me I'm not the only one–if you've got a weather-related post in 2010, do share!



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