Chilis-tostada-chips Have you ever struggled with a relationship you wanted to pursue that met with resistance or indifference–or worse–from the object of your friendly affection? Perhaps professional or conceivably personal, a pursuit that leaves you scratching your head over the "why" of it?  I was chatting on Facebook talking about that very thing with a friend this morning and she offered empathy and wisdom with a word picture that perfectly expressed this rub–

It's ok if EVERYONE doesn't like you and you don't have to like everyone.  But unrequited LIKE is a hard pill to swallow. I've swallowed it before.  It takes time and leaves some phantom pains–like when you swallow a tortilla chip and it scratches your throat.

Encouraging, simplistic brilliance from my friend Amanda, who of course used a food analogy to illustrate her point.  

{{winks and smiles and moves right along…}}

p.s.  Y'all DO know who I'm (mis)quoting in the title, right???  

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