Golf Boys Ben Crane, Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler & Hunter Mahan

Farmer-meets-Deliverance, Pimp-meets-Steven-Tyler, Bodysuit-meets-Wrong and Pretty-Boy-Meets-Pleather–this ain't your daddy's PGA ~

aka Ben Crane** (bodysuit), Bubba Watson (farmer?), Rickie Fowler (Bieber wannabe), & Hunter Mahan (Lord help him!), the PGA's exclusive (ahem) boy band. Apparently some people will do anything to raise money for charity…which instantaneously raises my estimation of aforementioned some people :).

And I missed this last year, but Dad Life is six shades of FABULOUS!  I saw my husband in a few of these guys….

Tulsa's Church on the Move opened their 2010 Father's Day service with this video which makes me wonder what the rest of the service entailed…. 


**Bonus:  From Ben Crane, who has been getting a lot of questions about how he looks so good…

  • "If you're angry, use the sledgehorn."
  • "I…experience Zone."
  • "I'm speaking to you as we speak, from the now, in the middle of the now…"

Ohmylanta, clicking around Ben's site, I'm his new biggest fan!  He's a "follower of Jesus, he and his wife are very passionate about supporting charities that help disadvantaged people in the world, and he knows how to have fun."  J'adore!

Bubba Watson, Rickie and Hunter?  They're some of the good guys giving golf a better name.  

Revised:  You gotta love how Ben Crane is using his platform for good…and how he's single-handedly changing the face of golf through humor.  I'm sure his videos are funnier if you've watched him as a golfer, but they're wicked awesome even if you haven't!  I think I've helped raise $1,000 for charity with my clicks alone…. 

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