"Wanna see something that will make you cry?" she asks, my first-born and only daughter, home from college for the first time since she left two months ago.

I think Why does she wanna rip my heart out just minutes after walking through the door? although I have no idea what she wants to share.

She's eager, though, and persists.  She already knows how much I'm gonna like it, if I'll just stop cooking dinner long enough to listen.

She begins a tale of six degrees of separation – really, it's only two – and I'm having trouble following anything other than her enthusiasm. 

Which itself is lure irresistible. 

She opens her laptop, clacks a few keys, grins, takes a step backwards, and says Watch.

She was right…I teared up watching strangers in like and in love. 


Casey + Brandon from Fancy Rhino on Vimeo.


And with that, I just planned her wedding.

I'm happy to report, dinner was just fine, five minutes later than originally planned. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Photos & video from Green Wedding Shoes <– darling, darling, DARLING!)



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