Going back to work necessarily meant I needed to add a few things to my wardrobe; as a writer and mom, my clothes were mostly casual at best.  But I'm a bargain shopper and I can't bring myself to pay full retail for ANYTHING; so when I find a good deal, I don't usually sit on it.  

Having a little extra money meant I could actually buy those bargains, and here are my favorites purchased during the last six months.

Steinmart Susan Lawrence Multi-colored Sweater

Susan Lawrence multi-colored loose-knit cardigan, Steinmart.  EVERY time I wear it, someone compliments it (and even strangers ask where I got it!).


Ugg ~ Bailey Button Boots

My UGGs Bailey Buttons.  My feet are so happy when I slip these on…they think they're walking on wooly clouds!  Okay, these weren't actually on sale, but my husband gave me his shoe allowance from work (he's required to wear safety boots but he didn't need a new pair), so it was like these were less than half price!  Unheard of for Ugg.


Lipstick Red Eddie Bauer Down Parka

Eddie Bauer's Lodge Down Parka.  I felt like I won the lottery when I realized I was getting this half price BEFORE CHRISTMAS!  So much love for the detachable fur hood, the long length to cover my behind, and the Lipstick Red color, I'm begging the temperature to drop so I can wear it!


Necklaces ~ True Birds Jewelry, Eddie Bauer, Ann Taylor

Okay, so the necklace collection is a little embarrassing, but the gospel truth?  I got ALL of these at 50-90% off!  Pairing a few together can sparkle and shine a casual outfit into something work acceptable.  (l-r) 1 & 2)  Sand Timer and Cuckoo Clock, True Birds Jewelry (DARLING line I've just discovered); 3) Leather & graduated chains, Eddie Bauer.  Tis true, I got this sucker for $7.50 a while back and I saw it again this week IN STORE for full price!  I wish I had gotten all three back when they were a bargain, to give as gifts.  4-8)  All from Ann Taylor, all were 50% off and I bought them when they were an additional 25% off (and I DID buy some of these for gifts).

Not pictured are an eggplant poncho (the color, not decorated in vegetables), two dresses and a long sweater from Ann Taylor–CRAZY bargains bought out of season at 90% off (y'all need to keep your eye on that store for killer deals) and a technicolor long cardigan from Marshall's (again, bought off season at 75% off).  

* * * * * * 

I need to go jean shopping, but I HATE SHOPPING FOR JEANS!  Sooo, I'm painting on the ones that fit (ish) and hoping no one notices the extra poundage my body seems to have found this year.  

Your turn:  Do you feel a tiny victory when you score a fashion bargain?  DO share your favorites with me!!  And if you can recommend a good-looking pair of reasonably-priced jeans for me to try, I'm more than willing to let you be the boss of me!

Disclaimer:  NO affiliate links used in this post nor is it sponsored…I just felt like showin' the love :).

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